CPTT and ABB RP570/RP571

The telecontrol protocol ABB RP570/RP571 was defined by ABB in the early 90s.

The ABB RP570/RP571 protocol is used worldwide.

ABB RP570/RP571

ABB RP570/RP571 is used as a general transmission protocol between control system and substations (RTUs, Remote Terminal Units). It has general abilities within the context of SCADA applications.
The messages are generally transmitted through serial connections.

COMPROTware:Testtool offers in this protocol:

  • Simulation of Master and Slave Station.
  • Extensive state engine to implement protocols.
  • Monitoring on the serial line (seriellen Leitung).
  • Interactive input of messages.
  • Different application oriented view formats for message traffic.

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