COMPROTware:Testtool 2.22

Release T.2.22.2 — Builddate 2022-05-05 — Tested Release


Download the CPTT 2.22 installation file from cptt_2.22.msi (approx. 2500K). For installation, double click the MSI file and follow the installation instructions.

What is new?

  • General:
    • (2.22.1) Simulation statistics are reported when Master or Slave simulation is stopped, not when for a network-based protocol a connection is closed resp. got lost. The statistics show the values for the whole simulation session, not for a single connection.
    • (2.22.1) Now, with network monitoring, NTPv4 and v3 (Network Time Protocol) packets are forwarded to the Message Storage and shown in the Message View for these protocols: IEC 60870-5-104, IEC 61850, DNP3 over LAN/WAN, MODBUS TCP/IP, HK FEP and Raw data net.
    • (2.22.1) For all platforms, oldest supported Java version is Java 8.
    • (2.22.2) On MS Windows 10, Win10Pcap (see [ https://www.win10pcap.org/ ] ) is now supported. Furthermore detection, reporting and validation of WinPcap/Npcap DLLs and services improved.
    • (2.22.2) Serial line receiving during monitoring improved: Synchronization of 2 serial ports much more tolerant, 800msec issue fixed.
    • Many minor improvements ...

  • GUI:
    • (2.22.1) TLS-secured TCP/IP: Now also PKCS#12 files (file extension .p12) are supported.
    • (2.22.1) With keyboard shortcut CTRL+G, General Preferences window is now opened.
    • (2.22.2) All Protocol Profile windows and all Message View Filter windows: The input field values are now checked immediately and if necessary a warning or error description is shown directly under the input field.

    • (2.22.2) If Message View Formatting Options are changed then the necessary recalculation of the Message View is performed in several separate CPU threads resulting in a massive speedup (now 4 threads are running in parallel).
    • Many minor improvements ...

  • Transmission Protocols:
    • (2.22.1) All dissectors: Erroneous lines filtered out due to cleared Formatting Option "Show erroneous Frames and Messages", are now marked by a red wavy line.
    • (2.22.1) IEC 60870-5-102: Fixes around Link Layer Address field length 0 and 2.
    • (2.22.1) MODBUS TCP/IP:
      • Client implementation: New parameter "NumberMaxOfClientTransaction" in Profile window and in state machine implementation.
      • Client implementation: New state machine parameter "Response to Query timeout" with fixed value of 15sec (like IEC 60870-5-104 timeout t1).
      • Server implementation: Responses to a Query are never discarded, even if there are already other Queries pending.
      • Server implementation: If there is no Response generated/send by a Message List within 2sec, the next Query is processed.
    • (2.22.1) ABB SPA-Bus:
      • Fixed: Edit SPA-Bus Message-Crash.
      • Fixed: Ack-Message was wrong.
    • (2.22.1) HK Electric FEP: Supported data_len increased to 200 octets.
    • (2.22.2) For all network-based protocols: After network monitoring finished or after a libpcap file is imported, the received packets are analyzed and summarized: Statistcs per IP address for sent/received Ethernet frames, sent/received Payload bytes and Payload min/max length are shown. Also per client/server partners the first/last frame date and time, duration, number of sent/received Ethernet frames, sent/received Payload bytes, Payload min/max length are shown.

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    • Many minor improvements ...