What are Real-Time Applications?

Real-Time Applications are systems that record real world events, react rapidly on them and cause a reaction to the real world. The software used in a carĀ“s ABS or a washing machine is a Real-Time Application.

Real-time systems are very complex, due to the parallel processing of software, the very prompt link to changes in the real world, and

the fulfilment of "Mission Critical Tasks". Thus, for development Software Engineering, methods are mandatory for us. Only through proceeding analysis and on time, extensive design, the successful implementation of a task is possible.

Real-Time Applications and Real Thoughts

Our main focus lies on the industrial sectors of communication and Transmission Protocols (fieldbus and telecontrol protocols), automation&control, as well as transport and automotive engineering.

We prefer to use the real-time operating system VxWorks from WindRiver Systems, however we have acquired know how in broad range of other development environments and target platforms.